¡Que trabaje Rita! Dec 8, The photos

Hey, my readers, a promise is a promise, here are the photos of the last Sunday, December 8,  ¡Que trabaje Rita! party. 64 amazing photos of me and the best party in Spain! Enjoy!!!

¡Oye!, mis lectores, una promesa es una promesa, aquí están las fotos del domingo pasado, 8 de diciembre, de la maravillosa fiesta ¡Que trabaje Rita!. 64 fotos asombrosas ¡de mí y de la mejor fiesta en España! ¡Disfrute!

qtrita p 243
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¡Que trabaje Rita! December 8, 2013

For now, the video I made at the best party of Spain, ¡Que trabaje Rita!. Soon the photos too. Enjoy!

Por ahora, el video que hice en la mejor fiesta de España, ¡Que trabaje Rita!. Pronto las fotos también. ¡Disfrute!

¡Que trabaje Rita! December 8, 2013 from Beauté Androgyn on Vimeo.

Lingerie show by Zahia Dehar

I’m usually not presenting fashion shows/news because there are so many other sources that… I don’t want to fill my blog with things that others can present better and faster than me. But, sometimes I see something that deserves to be promoted and/or shown to as many persons as possible. So, in Paris, there was the lingerie show of Zahia Dehar. The collection was good, lovely materials and innovative forms and cuts, but the most impressive thing is that Zahia made possible the transition from a luxury escort to a promising fashion name. She could turn all the notoriety from the French football players affairs into something beautiful, delicate, nice. That’s a positive fact that gave me the impulse to write this post. I’m very happy when I see people with great imagination and artistic mind going to accomplish their dreams. And this is just what Zahia did. Congratulation beauty! I would try all that lingerie!

zahir dehar extras albumes 4

Here you can visit her magnificent website which is a very interesting and pleasant voyage into her fashion ideas. Lovely.

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