Modern Barbie

My ‘Barbie’ modern interpretation :D…

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Back to Madrid

I just came back to Madrid… uff, November and December are two months full of travels for me. Sunday I’ll fly to Amsterdam and then to Gran Canaria (for the new year party), so I have limited time to post on my blog. That’s why I’m still posting about summer and fall – history, haha. Anyway, the Porto post was made just a few days after the travel, so I try to keep it up to date as much as I can. Long story short, I’m trying to recuperate and calibrate the blog with my recent actions.

Anyway, I propose today some photos from… October. Center of Madrid, near Plaza Cibeles / Paseo del Prado. Enjoy!

Acabo de volver a Madrid … uff, noviembre y diciembre son dos meses llenos de viajes para mí. Domingo iré a Amsterdam y luego a Gran Canaria (para la fiesta de niche vieja), así que tengo poco tiempo para publicar en mi blog. Es por eso que sigo publicando acerca del verano y del otoño – historia, jaja. De todos modos, el puesto sobre Porto lo hice pocos días después del viaje, así que trato de estar al día tanto como me sea posible. Larga historia corta, estoy tratando de recuperar y calibrar el blog con mis acciones recientes.

Hoy os propongo algunas fotos de … Octubre. Centro de Madrid, cerca de Plaza Cibeles / Paseo del Prado. ¡Que lo disfrutéis!

17oct 028
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San Isidro – The Parade of Giants and Big Heads

San Isidro is the patron saint of Madrid and the public holiday. A range of varied events take place from the Friday before 15th when the Mayor’s speech begins proceedings and continue until the following Sunday when there is the cooking of an enormous cocido madrileño (Madrid’s most traditional dish, a soup with vegetables and meat). On the day of May 15th many madrileños dressed in traditional gear head for Plaza Mayor where there is traditional dancing and open air concerts. Casa de Campo, the large park to the south west of the centre hosts rock concerts during the fiestas and there are varied events throughout the city.

Around the streets of central Madrid you’ll see organ grinders (barquilleros) in their San Isidro costumes selling traditional sweet snacks called “barquillos“. Although San Isidro was historically a religious celebration of the generosity of San Isidro (a poor farmer) and his wife, Santa Maria de la Cabeza, in giving food to the poor, it is now a excuse for great festivities. This turnaround has been the case in most national festivals. ¡¡Viva España!!

Please excuse the poor quality of the pictures, I hadn’t the camera with me so I used my…phone to capture this event (“The Parade of Giants and Big Heads”)…


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