Ponto Final

No, don’t worry, I’m not closing my blog, Ponto Final is only a wonderful restaurant in Lisbon (in fact, it is situated on the other side of the Tajo river, and that side is not Lisbon anymore), right at the legs of the famous Jesus statue, on the shore of the river. You have to use the ferry to go there, but it does worth the effort. The name of the restaurant, Ponto Final, meaning “the final point”, was accorded with the fact that it is the last building on the shore, after a long cordon of abandoned warehouses. The area has a very pitoresque atmosphere, emptied of tourists, only with some fishermen trying their luck on the river’s waters. Regarding the restaurant, you can have a romantic dinner right on the river (there are some old harbor’s lines of concrete forward the river, so you’re basically surrounded by water from 3 sides. The food is fine (here I also discovered Licor Beirão, a delicious Portuguese beverage made out of herbs), the serving is great and if you’re cold they will bring some blankets to cover your legs or entire body. Very useful!

Now, please enjoy the photos.



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