On top of the city

A rainy day, in February, on the rooftop of Madrid… this is my “don’t worry” red top combined with a black simple peplum skirt. The weather was cold and windy so I took rapidly the photos and then went home to warm up with a hot tea 🙂

Un día de lluvia, en febrero, en el techo de Madrid … esta es mi “don’t worry” (no te preocupes) camiseta roja que le combinaba con una falda peplum negra simple. Hacía frío y era un día ventoso, así que tomé rápidamente las fotos y luego llegué a mi casa para calentarme con un té 🙂

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A feminine approach

The winter here is rainy and even if it’s not very cold, the weather is not friendly. I just can’t stand the wind and rain cocktail (first: because of the messy hair resulted and second: because I love the sun) and that’s the main reason why it’s a mystery for me how so many people love London, and would love to stay there. But it’s up to everyone. So, in a rainy day, after a long rainy period of time, I found wearing this feminine outfit the best way to cheer up a little. Usually I’m not so bold in choosing an outfit, but when I’m starting to feel depressed, I have to improvise and chase away that negative mood. And what is the best way ? Using a feminine approach in my dressing style, don’t laugh, think where are the colors, where is the romance and love, the peace and tolerance ? In the Feminine Universe. My luck is that I’m able to switch and change, relatively easy, “the teams” and enjoy the benefits of both worlds.  But this tend to turn into a philosophical discussion and it’s not what I intend. The fact is that I perkily wait for your tips and reactions (nobody’s perfect) to my outfit proposal for a rainy day. Let’s pass together through this bad weather because the summer is over there, at few months distance. And we can also cheat and go to islands to have some beach activity during the winter 🙂 That’s a positive thought.

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