August is a good month for shopping (but which isn’t?) so who’s joining me? 😀

Agosto hace un buen mes para ir de compras (pero ¿cual mes no?). ¿Quién quiere acompañarme? 😀

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Plaza Norte 2

It’s just a mall in San Sebastian de Los Reyes, maybe the biggest in Madrid’s area (at least in the north side), but I found it to be a good location for a new photo session during the evening. Its interior decoration remembers me the 18-19th century castles, with opulent chandeliers and gold plated painting frames and all that marble floor and sculptures. Just because the neon lights (from the brands stores), the windows and all other modern gadgets, the mall looks like a 5+ stars oriental hotel instead of a french castle – only the servants are missing.  I melt in the decors and I hope you’ll notice me there and there, lol. My outfit is not that of a “man of the court”, I may be a little goth, but it’s only the t-shirt’s fault (I don’t find it a fault, it’s more a property – the reason I bought it).  There are some details photos with my rings, it’s a new acquisition that I just LOVE! Take a look and give me your true opinion. Enjoy.

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