Do you have any recurrent obsession(s) ? Don’t tell me you haven’t, I won’t bite this, everyone has its own/shared obsessions, more or less dangerous 🙂  Ok, for you to feel at ease, one of my obsessions is to wear leggings. And to receive roses in the middle of the night. And Pussy begins to turn into another obsession for my nights out 😀

Enjoy the song and the pictures.

And now my pictures of addiction 😀

24feb 010c

24feb 014c

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L’important c’est la rose

The smell, the shape, the symbol, the colors. And I always associate roses with a queen or a princess. Calle de La Reina (Queen’s street) is the best place to have and love a rose…

As Gilbert Becaud says: L’important c’est la rose.

Click on the pictures to see them full size. Enjoy.


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Te quiero mucho

I couldn’t find a better title for this post. Hard to write about a party, it’s better to live it than to talk about it, so I’ll put it straight: Chueca, Wednesday, Doble Sentido, Absinthe, amigas, happy birthday dear Kriss!, music, dance, fun, very good drinks, tasteful ensaladita con queso azul, champagne, delicious cake, roses, photos, no resaca hoy (no hangover today), good time, taxi, back home, sleep 🙂 I’ll come back with the photos, I didn’t have time to download them from the camera, but I’ll do it asap. Since I feel sorry to let this post without any photos, there is a photo of Kriss, Gloria & the cake. And yes, Minnie 🙂 Stay tuned for the many other photos.