Photo session 16

All photos made on March 8th this year. Happy women’s day! Enjoy. / Todas las fotos hechas el día 8 de marzo de 2017. ¡Feliz día de la mujer! Disfrutad.


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The birthday party

I love the parties, and if there is a cake, wow, I’m addicted! And of course champagne, “happy birthday” song, kisses and hugs, gifts etc.

When: Saturday night, April 21, 2012

Where: Doble Sentido bar, downtown Madrid

What: the birthday party of our sweet friend Gloria

The outfit: red jacket, photo flakes dress (bought from my dear friend Oana – thank you!), grey wedges shoes from Break&Walk and silver white dots scarf.

How long: all night 🙂

Enjoy the show. Click on the photos to see them the real-size.

Me and Gloria :
21avril 039
The delicious cake:
21avril 002
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