Show Off.Lust.Photography

Aren’t the typical photos I used you to, but just for photographic purposes I adopted these lustfulness poses. The tunnel (and some delicious cocktails from Doble Sentido 😀 ) inspired me to show off my unusual poses and it was real fun! And, after all, the photos are not so bad for a night party shots, isn’t it ? Enjoy!

6enero DS 027

6enero DS 028

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Show Off

Normally, I’m mostly shy, but sometimes I feel stronger (that could be the result of wearing high heels ?), and this power sensation transform me into a show off person. Not too offensive, but definitely more bold and this is good when I’m supposed to be in a party. Last time, in Doble Sentido, it was a nice opportunity to show off myself a little 🙂 . My outfit:

  • Black leather “zippers” high heels boots
  • Black tights
  • Blue Bershka shorts
  • Jennyfer “show off” tee
  • Black bolero
  • Pink/fuchsia scarf
  • C&A thin metallic bracelets

I hope you will enjoy my show off look. Click on the photos to see them real-size.



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