Cozy Sunday

After the Saturday night comes a cozy Sunday… a black tea in the morning and a fruity  cocktail for the lunch. Everything in Maspalomas. Cheers!

Después de la noche de sábado viene un domingo acogedor… un té negro por la mañana y un cóctel de frutas para el almuerzo. Todo eso en Maspalomas.  ¡Salud!

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Sunday in the city

A bright Sunday in Madrid. The last remains of the Summer, with such a wonderful weather. Since all the big shops are open for the Sundays, it’s a pleasure walk a little for some shopping and then sit at a terrace or a bench.

Un domingo brillante en Madrid. Los últimos restos del verano, con un clima maravilloso. Como que todas las tiendas grandes están abiertas para los domingos, es un placer salir para algunas compras y luego sentarse en una terraza o un banco.

16sept 010

16sept 008
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Summer, summer…

I love the summer, I love the sun and the Sunday walks, the parks with its trees, bushes, flowers… This time it’s Plaza de Oriente, in front of the Royal Palace, a very pleasant place, despite the touristic importance. So, this post is about summer, parks, natural look / makeup, Sunday urban outfit. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

Me encanta el verano, me encanta el sol y los paseos del domingo, los parques con sus árboles, arbustos, flores … Esta vez se trata de la Plaza de Oriente, frente al Palacio Real, un lugar muy agradable, a pesar de su importancia turística. Por lo tanto, este post es acerca de verano, parques, aspecto / maquillaje natural, traje casual de domingo. Espero que lo disfrutéis.

*Click on the photos to see them in full size. / Pulsa en las fotos para verlas en tamaño completo.

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Resting Sunday

If you’re not the first time on my blog, you probably already know that every Sunday (almost) I’m used to post unusual photos and ideas… so this is for now. Me, resting after a night out on the sink’s platform in IFA Buenaventura hotel’s restrooms. Cute!

Si no eres por la primera vez en mi blog, probablemente ya sabes que todos los domingos (casi) me encanta publicar fotos e ideas inusuales… así que estas son las fotos por ahora. Yo, descansando después de una noche de clubbin’ en la plataforma del lavabo de los baños del hotel IFA Buenaventura. Chulo!

maspalomas 177
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A masculine approach

In the last months I used you with my feminine approaches, and this was mainly because of the vast possibilities of mixing clothes to achieve new outfits. Let’s be honest, the feminine clothes and accessories are better “tools” for the creativity, and women appearances are more socially permissive, at least in my opinion. An androgyny person like me can switch from female to male appearance, not being in the extremes of either, not being ultra-masculine or ultra-feminine. That’s the trick, after all, being somewhere in the middle.

My last Sunday’s look is 100% based on female clothes and accessories, but the entire outfit is one masculine. Of course, not very masculine, or better said, not the conservative type of masculinity. The very or conservative types are not for me, not in a million years 🙂  I’m not built for that approach. Take a look, of course, click on the pictures and let your comment for me. Un beso.

Ah, my outfit was maid of:

Green “Happy Luck” wedges sneakers

Bershka ss2010 ripped jeans

Bershka ss2010 t-shirt

Lefties ss2011 suit-jacket 

Ardene plastic wristwatch

Generic brown 2011 sunglasses 

In the next post, I will show you more of my Sunday’s walk around place like Calle del Pozo, Terasa de Las Vistas, Calle Mayor and the “Geppetto” store. There will be more close-ups. Until then, enjoy this selection maid in Plaza Tirso de Molina.






My new love

I couldn’t resist to “her” curves, to “her” soft skin and colored clothes… mmm… it’s my new love. Officially, we are engaged. And, Sunday I had my first date with “her”; we walked on the streets, we went to Plaza Mayor, to mercado San Miguel, we took pictures together and finally went to my place. I proudly present you, my new love:


Yes, it’s about my new pair of shoes, the lucky ones. I saw them few days ago in a store window, and I knew I will have to have this beauty, no matter what. The surprise was that “she” was also waiting for me. There was only one pair, exactly MY SIZE (which is 41). It was love at first sight! Please enjoy my new love. Clicking on the pictures will tickle me, so do it! 🙂


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