Still summer

In Madrid there’s still the summer and the weather is awesome! Not that hot as in the middle of the summer, but still warm enough to have a pleasant walk by night. The best idea for a week night is to walk around the center and have a drink at a terrace.

En Madrid hay todavía el verano y el clima es increíble! No es tan caliente como en el medio del verano, pero todavía lo suficientemente caliente para tener un paseo agradable por la noche. La mejor idea para una noche de la semana es caminar por el centro y tomar una copa en una terraza.

sabado 002

sabado 004
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Two roses

Just like that: two roses in my hands on my way back home from the bar. Two roses to keep me warm on a cold dark night, hehe, the thing is that I don’t have too much to walk, but this is the scariest part of the night, because of the cold temperatures. Did I mention that I hate the cold weather ? Oh, yes, I’m a totally heat addicted person, so the winter season is not very happy for me. But wait ’till the summer to see another face of me. A happy one.

3marzo 060

3marzo 061

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