Strong clouds

A set of photos to remember the rainy days of February… now everything seams far away, but in fact it was the worst winter from the last I-can’t-remember how many years. I remember how, after days and days with rain and wind, I couldn’t stay anymore inside and went for a wet photo session in the Cibeles area (Paseo del Prado, Plaza Cibeles).

Un par de fotos para recordar los días de lluvia del febrero pasado… Ahora todo parece muy lejos, pero en realidad fue el peor invierno de los últimos no-me-puedo-recordar cuantos años. Recuerdo que, después muchos días con lluvia y viento, no podía permanecer más en interior y salí para una sesión de fotos mojadas en la zona Cibeles (Paseo del Prado, Plaza de Cibeles).

21feb 003
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The cat

I love cats and this maybe Gray Russian cat was every morning on our route to the beach so I stopped to give her a caress and we became friends for all our long stay in Maspalomas (January 2013). Please ignore my hairstyle (haha) as the wind was kind of strong and I was unable to do anything but a ponytail. Not to mention the bangs… but that’s the Ocean breeze 🙂

Me encantan los gatos y este gato griso ruso era cada mañana en nuestro camino a la playa, así que me paré para darle una caricia y nos hicimos amigos para toda nuestra larga estancia en Maspalomas (enero de 2013). Por favor, no hagas caso de mi peinado (jaja) ya que el viento era bastante fuerte y no pude hacer otra cosa que una cola de caballo. Por no hablar de los flequillos … pero esa es la brisa del océano 🙂

enero2013 539

enero2013 543
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First day at the beach

January 1st 2013. My first day on the beach in Maspalomas. My white skin is about to be tanned, hehe. Unfortunately, the first day of 2013 was kind of windy, so it was difficult to swim, but the tanning process went well. Enjoy!

1 de enero 2013. El primer día de 2013 en la playa de Maspalomas. Mi piel blanca estaba a punto de broncearse, jeje. Por desgracia, el primer día de 2013 tuvo mucho viento, así que era difícil nadar, pero al menos, el proceso bronceador fue agradable.  ¡Disfruta de las fotos!

enero2013 177
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The Nature tolerates the artificial.

Do you like the green color ? Especially in the rainy season, when the winter is approaching and all the nature is shutting down the shell of life and goes into a low consumption stage, someone dressed in green, walking on the gray cold asphalt, surrounded only by brown dead leafs and dark brown undressed trees, is an uncommon appearance. I was that zombie, that green pulsating life in the middle of a decaying windy universe; me, with my steps I gave a meaning for the dying rug composed by all those rotten vegetal cells. The nature accepted me, green, artificial, merciless stepping on the grass…and managed to integrate me in its entrails… This is life, it comes and goes, cell by cell from nature to nature. This is what we are, with our green artificial coats. We are so proud for so small achievements (like the green coat), but we are unable to see that we’re made of dust and we can be blown by a nature’s wind gust. When we understand that, it’s too late.

The Nature tolerates artificial. The Nature tolerates us. But this is a good thing, don’t you think ? Let’s get happy now and see the pictures. I was a little influenced by this rainy day (another one!) but, basically, I’m a cheerful person, so let’s see that green coat and my smile 🙂

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