Winter sun -1-

There’s something special with the winter sun… its light transforms everything in precious gold, its warmness is like a caress, I’m addicted to the winter sun ❤

Hay algo especial con el sol de invierno su luz tiene el poder de transformar todo en oro, su calidez es como una caricia, soy adicta al sol de invierno ❤

IMG 0006
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Prado Museum: some photos taken outside in February, just to remember the coldness of the last winter. And if you’re visiting Madrid, The Prado Museum is the most touristic place to be. Enjoy!

Museo del Prado: algunas fotos sacadas fuera en febrero, sólo para recordar el frio del invierno pasado. Y si estás de visita en Madrid, el Museo del Prado es el lugar más turístico de la capital. ¡Disfrute!

martes 033
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Warm days in winter

Or some winter shots in Madrid, Paseo del Prado, made in February. I just love the way trees are into these photos… and it was also a good occasion to wear my animal print skirt. The silver giant lizard is made by compact disks and look very interesting. Enjoy!

O algunas fotos de invierno en Madrid, Paseo del Prado, sacadas en febrero. Me encanta como los árboles han salido en estas fotos … y también era una buena ocasión para llevar mi faldita animal print. El lagarto gigante de plata esta hecho por los CDs y tiene un aspecto muy interesante. ¡Disfrutad!

jueves 003
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Weekend! -6-

It’s time for the weekend photo. So, unusualcrazysexyfunny, here it is. 🙂 This weekend is a set of photos from Madrid – after the Miss Moustache party, mid November 2012. Enjoy!

Es el tiempo de descubrir la foto del fin de semana. Las inusuales,locassexydivertidas estan aquí. 🙂 Por este finde hay fotos desde Madrid despues la fiesta Miss Moustache, de la mitad de noviembre 2012. ¡Disfrutalo!

“You’ve been born to live, not to serve”
finde17nov 049

I’ve found a bench 😀 : / Encontré un banco 😀 :
finde17nov 046
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At the terrace

This post looks like it belongs to the summer season, but in reality it doesn’t. Yes, in Madrid we can stay at a terrace even in winter. Of course, the heating systems are on and the furs that cover the chairs make this stay at the terrace possible and very fancy at 2-3 degrees Celsius. I asked for a Pacharán, a typical Spanish drink from Navarra region (near the border with France and close to The Basque Country) and I accompanied the drink with chocolate truffles. What a delight!!!

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The Nature tolerates the artificial.

Do you like the green color ? Especially in the rainy season, when the winter is approaching and all the nature is shutting down the shell of life and goes into a low consumption stage, someone dressed in green, walking on the gray cold asphalt, surrounded only by brown dead leafs and dark brown undressed trees, is an uncommon appearance. I was that zombie, that green pulsating life in the middle of a decaying windy universe; me, with my steps I gave a meaning for the dying rug composed by all those rotten vegetal cells. The nature accepted me, green, artificial, merciless stepping on the grass…and managed to integrate me in its entrails… This is life, it comes and goes, cell by cell from nature to nature. This is what we are, with our green artificial coats. We are so proud for so small achievements (like the green coat), but we are unable to see that we’re made of dust and we can be blown by a nature’s wind gust. When we understand that, it’s too late.

The Nature tolerates artificial. The Nature tolerates us. But this is a good thing, don’t you think ? Let’s get happy now and see the pictures. I was a little influenced by this rainy day (another one!) but, basically, I’m a cheerful person, so let’s see that green coat and my smile 🙂

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