3 High Heels

A sunny day must be celebrated accordingly outdoor and this is a good moment to choose a spring outfit. That’s exactly what I’ve done. Even if the weather was a little cool, the sun heated my legs, so don’t worry, I didn’t get cold. Enjoy the pictures, my outfit was made of:

Zara black high heels
fishnet tights
Zara black denim skirt
Bershka “rock festival” blouse
H&M black scarf
black denim trench with asymmetric zipper
Comeco Inc. “Marilyn” High Heel purse
Kiabi sunglasses

Click on the pictures to see full size, especially for the Bershka blouse that has a small accessory whose details you can see in the last photo. Let’s rock the Spring!



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In my dressing room

I always wanted a big dressing room, so I can have all the clothes and accessories in my view, so I can pick them easily, mix all together and create new brilliant outfits. But because, in the last years I was all the time in different places, with no stability in what I called “home”, my desire was only for a few times acquired. Yes, I have built a ground house with a large dressing room, but now I’m not living there anymore, so the only thing that I miss is that big room. And the bed, which is very comfortable and also large, made by real wood. Maybe I’ll have a post special for showing that bed. The fact is that the house was built in a wrong country, hihi, and now I don’t want to go back. That’s an intimate story and I’m not going further, but now as I’m searching for a new flat in Madrid and I see so many apartments with tiny “clothes storage amenities”, my thought went back in time to my large dressing room.

Do you have a big dressing room ? How did you solved the clothes storage problem ? Do you have many bags ?


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